Learning from the Low-Code Playbook

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The use of low-code platforms is near a tipping point, with nearly half of enterprises worldwide having deployed it in some fashion.

  • Four in 10 large companies have ongoing process automation initiatives aimed at improved workflows, greater innovation and lower costs — issues that virtually all low-code projects are designed to address.
  • Low-code adopters say they can develop applications over 2.5 times faster than using standard IT development processes, demonstrating how the technology boosts both IT staffs working alone and those working in tandem with business groups.
  • 80% of those who have adopted low-code platforms say they excel at meeting customer needs, although skeptics remain unconvinced and employee resistance to change is a stumbling block.
  • “Citizen developers” are being encouraged by IT at over half of large companies, allowing the business side to use low-code platforms to take responsibility for developing innovative and business-critical applications that transform processes.
  • In 58% of cases, IT provides guidance on tools and platforms for citizen developers to use. The best success happens when IT lays down guardrails and works with business collaboratively for joint development.

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